Breeding dumbbells lying on the horizontal bar

Technique: head and back against the bench, arms slightly bent at the elbows, and are arranged vertically, the dumbbells do not touch. Breathe in and dissolve hand in hand, so that his elbows were on the shoulders horizontally Specforce Alpha Review. Raise your arms straight up with this fitness program nolimitly, at the same time making the exhale. At the top, try to minimize the pectoral muscles.

Subtleties of performance: This exercise should not be performed with a heavy weight (using heavy weights require special care in order to avoid implementation of any ruptures of muscles in the chest) This is a great exercise to increase breast volume, and it helps to increase the lung.

An experienced athlete unlike any newcomer presence is a good warm-up just before training. Often half-baked "athletes" completely forget about this important element of any system of exercise or simply ignore it, trying to quickly load a barbell, but more. However, they themselves not knowing your body is subjected to risk of injury, which can permanently put out of the training process, and may even cause to forget about the iron.

Immediately prior to the implementation of the intended exercise of your exercise program must perform a specialized workout. It consists in carrying out the so-called "warm-up" approach, are carried out with a fairly light weight (30-40% of the maximum weight) for 12-15 repetitions. Eyeliner and gradually to the operating weight with fewer repetitions.