Guilt Free Desserts Review

There is a diet based desserts and operates as follows:

You eat up to 1300 calories daily than those 300 are sweet Guilt Free Desserts Review by Kelley Herring. The rest of 1000 should be divided into three main your meals and snacks. It is understood that eating protein, fiber, vegetables and wholegrain foods.

If not overdo So the turkey and the stuffing and eat normal portions you can eat 2-3 sweet or sweet one that will not exceed 300 calories. This means melomakarona 2 medium, 2 small folds, half piece trunk Christmas, 1 piece of cake and buns 1 large or 2 small kourampiedakia.

This diet with this recipe sweets will not only help you to not get pounds but if you manage to follow it for 1 month and manage to not surpass the 1300 calories you can lose up to 4 pounds!